Ben Egan

Whats your nickname?


What month is your birthday?


What are your current side projects or passions?

I've been hunting, fishing, and working at getting my plumbing license.

How many years have you been snowboarding?


What´s your home mountain?

Buck Hill

What’s the reason you keep snowboarding?.

It clears my mind and I like to push myself. Always fun to try new things and be with friends.

What does your L1 set up look like this year (what jacket and pants and colorway)?

The Dixon pants in black and Hasting jacket in dull gold.

Do you like the new pant leg cuffs the L1 pants?

Yes they have a clean look and are easy to slip over the boots.

How has your snowboarding evolved the last few years?

I’ve been trying to have film on a variety of spots and just keep it interesting. Always trying to find spots that look awesome. 

What movie can we see you in this season and where can we see it?

The L1 Team video and you’ll be able to see it online soon.

In what way do you want to give back or express yourself within snowboarding?

I want to film on spots that I think are cool and hopefully entertain people and keep them wanting to watch snowboarding or get into it.

Who are the people in snowboarding right now that keep you motivated and hyped on the current stat of snowboarding community and/or direction?

Luke Lund, Justin Phipps, Caleb Kinnear, Peter Croasdale, and many more. Whoever is getting after it.

Whats your favorite thing about L1 Premium Goods?

The people. Everyone is supportive and they truly care about snowboarding.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you