Soft Lime

The time of year when we can bring the L1 Premium Goods snowboard team together to reconnect, discuss new designs, ride together is our favorite time of year. Especially when the team is composed of people from all over the world it is always a pleasure to bring everyone together to live together, snowboard, skate, drink, hang, art, shoot photos, and just be together. The forecast was predicting snow in the city of Salt Lake City where Justin Keniston and Jeremy Jones live so Joe Sexton came in from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dominik Wagner and Simon Gschaider flew in from Austria, Ylfa from Iceland, and (TM) Knut flew in from Norway for a week of snowboarding all over the snowboarding mecca of SLC in late February. Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, our favorite Christy Prior was not able to join the trip, but she ended up going to Canada for her own Banff to BC adventure (stay tuned).

The options of what to do every day were endless with packed takeoffs at the Rail Gardens, Powder up at Brighton Resort, fresh parks up at Woodward PC, and snow in the city. The days started with the classic snowboard trip strategy - wake up, make a plan, get in the car, go…. and do it all over again. From wearing the new Theorem line up in the Brighton backcountry to the new Ventura and Lovecat kits at Rail Gardens to the Westmont and Aftershock Pants in the streets, the versatility of the new L1 Premium Goods 20/21 collection got the team through any situation.

This is a new short film from our trip showcases the feeling of what freedom in versatility stands for… just get up and go while being prepared for what the day brings.

We called up Dominik Wagner and asked him a few questions about the trip via FaceTime.

What is your favorite part about going to Salt Lake City?
I get to see all of my friends that live there and snowboarding obviously.

How is riding at Brighton?
It is a cool experience if it snows you have really good backcountry terrain and the park is super fun as well. Hot laps with the Homies all day long.

Rail Gardens is an iconic spot for all snowboarders - what were the vibes like when you were there this season?
Rail Gardens is a unique place for sure. I feel like whenever there is snow in the city everybody goes there and hangs out together. I swear we went there every single day we were in town, either after snowboarding at Brighton or filming in the streets. It is always a good vibe, people bring beers and have BBQs and enjoy the snow.

What is it about Rail Gardens that make snowboarding there so fun?
It is a street spot with a park vibe and mellow rails and ledges. Everything has natural speed and you don't get kicked out. Just the perfect formula for a good time.

How was the bust situation for street spots around SLC?
I think we got pretty lucky with the spots we hit but I remember from a trip before that SLC can be a heavy bust zone.

What's it like shooting with L1 Staff Photographer Bob Plumb?
Always a good time and never a dull moment I love Bobby :)

Ylfa is a new member of the L1 team, what were your first impressions of her and her riding style?
She has amazing energy and endless motivation for snowboarding that affected the whole crew in a very positive way. She was just going for it the whole time and it was a treat watching her snowboard.

Who was the MVP of this trip?
Ylfa and Simon share the crown.