Lucas Baume

Lucas Baume has been one of the most unique and influential snowboarders to the new generation the last few years. His individual style, attitude, and trick selection has resonated with a new generation and demographic of snowboarders everywhere.

There are plenty of regular, cool, contest, 90s, style snowboarders around the world and it is refreshing to see someone like Lucas Baume, who by the way has been one of the best up and coming Slopestyle Riders in Switzerland a few years back, do his own thing. He is uncompromisable in is style and direction - he snowboards for himself and only himself. This is why he has been such a great addition to the L1 Premium Goods team. L1 prides itself for Freedom in Versatility and Lucas Baume is a perfect example of someone who is free and pushes the boundaries of what is possible daily with his uncompromized style and way of life.

If Lucas is not up taking park laps at LAAX, Switzerland during the day or at the Riders Hotel club, than he is out in the streets creating video projects like BUZZIN. During the summer you will find him in Copenhagen, Zurich, Milan, Beijing, and anywhere there is an event - he gets after it… His passion for creativity and lifestyle is shown through his own clothing brand DRINK SEXY. We are proud to call this creative and passionate individual a team rider for L1 Premium Goods. To see more of Lucas Baume aka Yungdoli watch his latest movie - BUZZIN.