Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones has been one of the most influential snowboarders throughout the history of snowboarding. He has filmed over 20 video parts over the last two decades, and influenced a style and type of snowboarding that has laid the ground work for where snowboarding is today and were it will be going in the future. Jeremy has always been pushing the limits of what is possible on and off a snowboard with a style that captivates snowboard fans worldwide. L1 Premium Good´s Jon Kooley has filmed with Jeremy and been good friends with him since he moved to SLC, UT years ago, and when we decided to rebuild the team, Jeremy Jones was at the top of the list. We sat down with Jeremy to ask him a few questions about what he is up to and his thoughts on the current state of snowboarding.

Whats your full name?

Jeremy Jones

How many years have you been snowboarding?


What is your Home Mountain?

Brighton Resort

What´s the reason you started snowboarding?

I wanted to do whatever I could that was as close to skating as possible in the winter. Skating was slow in the winter and painful. Snowboarding came out of a necessity to fill a need, really.

What´s the reason you keep on snowboarding?

Friends, Powder, Street, Carving, Traveling, the Freedom of my own tricks and style, all that stuff for sure. I really got addicted to getting clips and the filming side of snowboarding. I loved videos as I was learning about snowboarding and to this day still do. I am so hooked on that process of a crew racking shots up all season however, wherever and at nearly any cost, just to make roughly a 30 minute film of tricks, antics, music and beautiful shots with maybe a story slid in there.

How has snowboarding changed over the years since you started filming over 20 years ago?

So many ways homie! I think how the digital change lately has been one of the biggest swings in change though.

Why did you want to start riding for L1 Premium Good?

Well in all honesty, some things just start to line up slowly over time and then it all of sudden makes sense. Thats sort of how this felt, I also have now been stoked on the new THEOREM line.

Has Jon Kooley been an influence to you at all with his snowboarding or style, or was he on of the reasons you became aware and interested in L1?

Yes. Jon is for sure the first person I learned about L1 from, or at least giving it some sort of nod. Yes, absolutely because of him as a person and a ripping shredder. Jon ran with a few of us for many years pre-season up at our zone 'The Spot’. He was a hot head and a perfectionist to his imagination of what a his trick should be, his passion was always bleeding and I have a deep respect for that type of attitude and drive.

What plans do you have for this upcoming winter, its gonna be your first real winter back after breaking both your legs - correct?

Yeah homie, really stoked to get back shredding. I have been working hard to get to that point and I am getting very close! JP Walker, Myself and Brighton Resort are working on a film - To document our season, how it looks from home essentially, The Spot, Preseason, Runs opening up, Powder and the Backcountry and Long Springs. Local Pros and how those relationships look. Giving a weighted nod to our history of filming at Brighton over the last 20 years, with MDP, Whitey, Videograss, etc...

Are you excited?


Was their any positive thing that came out of breaking both legs last year?

I have been humbled and bled dry of my pride, thats for sure! I saw a snowboard community raise their arms to me and my family! The outpouring was intensely humbling. I never had thought to stop and think and really absorb what my impact in snowboarding was, has been, or could be. The influence I had on some people… I thought I knew, kinda. No real clue though. It´s to hard to describe, impossible for me to put the words down, I just don’t have them.

What was the worst part about it?

Brighton had the SICKEST DEEPEST year in forever and I missed 80% of it. But I got some. haha

You have been making some changes over the past few seasons, an example is starting a company called Destroyer Equipment, what is the reason behind this?

My partner Mike presented an opportunity to me. I liked that vibe and ideas he had for DESTROYER we were on the same page for the vision of the brand. I want to move on to the next chapter’s in life through what snowboarding and skateboarding offers up, this was one of those moments. Be a bigger part of something and something that is more “mine” to make the calls on, ya know.

At this moment in time, how do you see snowboarding?

I see snowboarding and snowboarders hungry! Hungry for change, Hungry for Tricks, Hungry to get some! I know its tough out there from a business perspective, but man, the pulse is real and its thumping! Fools out there are getting it and they ain’t letting up, its so dang rad!!

Who are the people in snowboarding right now that keep you motivated and hyped in the snowboard community or direction?

Riders, always my main vein, JP, Seth, Mitch, Noah, Roan, Dale, etc… Classics always offering up stoke!
Ozzy, Benny Urbs, Sam Tax, I don’t know, lots more! I know many by their insta handles only.

It's cool to see a new generation slipping in to the Biz side of the Industry. I think there is a lot of hope there. Dudes that have given everything to snowboarding and snowboarding gave back to them and now they are running it and its sick, its going to make things different for sure. I like it.