Rider x Artist Spotlight: Danny Larsen

What is your full name?
Dan Espen Berentsen Larsen, but known by most as Danny Larsen.
What nicknames do you have?
Butterfly sillypants, goldie-locks, hey you, Gorilla Vrengtryne.. actually I'm not sure if I have any, I have heard Darkness references here and there, but's about it.
What is your favorite thing about drawing?
To create something out of nothing, to see the progress from a rough idea to a finished drawing.
What things do you always have with you when you are creating?
Black coffee, an arsenal of pens and some kind of music to set the right mood. I need music to get the right feeling in my drawings.
Your favorite snowboard trick?
Ollie, no doubt.
Are you stoked on your first year filming with Videograss?
I had so much fun, just wished the season was longer.
Have you done any art shows?
Yes one solo, and had my artwork dislpayed on a bunch of artshows around Europe and now also the US.
How does your passion for art and L1 fit together?
The cool thing about L1 is that it's truly rider-driven, meaing that L1 is whatever we the riders wants it to be. I'm so stoked that from day one I've been encouraged to submit artwok for the brand and see how much influence the team have over the finished products.
What are your plans for next year?
Continue my shred-bum-artist life in the best way I can.
What is your middle name?
It used to be Møller, now it's Berentsen since my wife was bummed out that she had to take my last name (one of Norway's most common last names) and I wanted to make it up to her.
Do you have any advice for up and coming artists and snowboarders?
Be honest and figure out your own thing.